Connecting Globally for Investment in Innovation & Growth

On the 19th June, UKBAA held their flagship Global Angel Investment Summit and Angel Investments Awards, in Liverpool taking centre stage at the International Business Festival.  Over 500 guests joined us as we explored the impact of emerging technologies and by night celebrated the UK’s investment high growth success stories.

Find out more about these successful events, by viewing the presentations, reports, photo’s summit brochure and our amazing award winners.

UKBAA Angel Investment Summit Pictures

UKBAA Angel Investement Award Winner Pictures

UKBAA Angel Investment Gala & Awards Ceremony

UKBAA Award Winners Announced

Check out a few of the speakers presentations by viewing the Agenda here

UKBAA Global Investment Summit

Reflecting on the festival’s spirit of international connectivity, the Global Investment Summit  showcased the latest trends and opportunities in the UK and global markets. Providing leadership on creating a connected finance ecosystem for scale-up and growth, the summit was a central investment focal point at the IBF.


      • We welcomed major Keynote Speakers who provided an insight on current and future trends
      • We heard from Esteemed Panellists from across the UK and international investment communities
      • We hosted Fireside Chats reflecting on entrepreneurial success stories
      • We provided opportunities for discussions on innovation, investing and the transforming investment landscape


The summit comprised of an elite audience of 500 delegates from the UK and international markets, the Summit brought together investors and industry experts and offered opportunities for lively debates, networking and sharing experiences across borders.


Read more about the event here

See more pictures from the event here

Awards Details

UKBAA Annual Awards Gala & Dinner is open to Investors, Entrepreneurs and Industry Experts celebrating 2017-18 successes in innovation & growth

The Pitch Details

The Investor Pitch is open to businesses at scale up stage seeking investment to continue to grow their business in the UK and international markets and investors seeking to meet and network a curated group of top innovators

Workshop Details

UKBAA’s Investment workshops are each thematically targeted to educate audiences of investors, entrepreneurs and women, with each workshop focusing specifically on one audience type

Summit Details

UKBAA’s Flagship Global Investment summit welcomes key players in the UK and International investment landscapes that maintain primary roles in strategic innovation and growth