JUNE 12 - 29


Apply to Pitch to at 1 of 8 Sector Themed Days! Deadline May 18th!

UKBAA is delighted to welcome our community of Entrepreneurs to take part in this incredible opportunity to pitch for investment at the International Business Festival. Claim your spot on the main stage at the festival, where over 30 000 attendees will be exposed to your business. The Investor Pitch programme offers countless opportunities for networking, connecting and business growth.

The Investor Pitch
June 12-28 Ongoing

Applications open until May 18th! 

UKBAA is hosting 8 thematic pitching showcase events at the International Business Festival. Over the course of 8 days, entrepreneurs that offer value to their sector and demonstrate a clear need for their innovation will present to an esteemed audience of international investors. Innovators that are at start up through to scale up stage are invited to compete for a coveted pitching spot at the festival. This opportunity is for businesses seeking equity investment that can demonstrate a strong capacity to scale and prove both their traction and achievements.

Categories We’ll be Covering

+ Global Economics
Fintech, RegTech, InsureTech, Cyber Security, SAAS, Ecommerce, Mcommerce etc.

+ Urbanisation & Cities
Augmented & Virtual Reality, AI for urbanisation, Smart Cities Techs, GovTech, IoT, Renewable Energy, Robotics & Drones, Connected Cities etc.

+ Sustainable Energy
GreenTech, Agritech, Climate Change, Clean Tech, IoT, Robotics & Drones, Recycling & Waste, Energy Efficiency, Renewables, Wind Power etc.

+ Future Transport
Immersive Tech, AI, IoT, Connected & Autonomous Cars, Robotics, Satellite & Downstream Applications, Drones etc.

+ Manufacturing
AI, Immersive Tech, Automotive, New Materials, Production, Robotics, IoT, Drones etc.

+ Global Logistics & Shipping
Satellite Applications, GPS, AI, IOT, Clean Air & Environment, Supply Chain, Blockchain etc.

+ Health & Life Sciences
Health Tech, AI, Immersive Tech, Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Drug Discovery, Digital Health, Life Sciences, Synthetic Biology, Social Care & Assisted Living, Mental Health & Prevention etc.

+ Creative Industries
Augmented & Virtual Reality, Immersive Tech, Film, Animation, Creative Content, Music, Gamin, Education & Training etc.

+ Sport, Culture & Travel
Sport Tech, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Fintech, Ticketing/Payments, Tourism, Hospitality, Food & Drink Tech/Innovation


All businesses selected will receive guidance on how to perfect your pitch for your presentation! UKBAA is committed to ensuring all businesses selected are well prepared to attract investments and make lasting connections. This one of a kind guidance is the only offering of its kind at the International Business Festival.


If you are seeking investment to further scale your company and have an innovative business that disrupts and adds value to the market we are looking for you! We are accepting applications until May 18th!

Apply Here!