JUNE 12 - 29


Join our 8-day Ongoing Pitch Series! 

UKBAA is delighted to welcome our community of Investors seeking new and innovative opportunities for investment to take part in this incredible pitch showcase series hosted at International Business Festival. Hosted on the festival main stage, the top selected businesses will present their cutting-edge products or services in hopes of securing investment. 

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The Investor Pitch
June 12-28, ongoing

UKBAA is hosting 8 thematic pitching showcase at the International Business Festival. Over the course of 8 days, entrepreneurs that offer value to their sector and demonstrate a clear need for their innovation will present their 8-minute pitch for access to equity investment. The Pitch will featuring businesses from across the UK and International markets, offering an incredible opportunity for cross-border investing and international market reach. If you’re looking for your next big investment opportunity, this programme is designed for you! The Investor Pitch is included in your International Business Festival pass, allowing you to curate your day with everything you want to see. Drop in just for the pitch, or stay on and check out the festival offerings at large!

8 Days 

8 Pitches

8 Minutes to win you over


Categories We’ll Be Covering

+ Global Economics – June 12 @ 13:50-15:00
Fintech, RegTech, InsureTech, Cyber Security, SAAS, Ecommerce, Mcommerce etc.


+ Transport, Urbanisation & Cities – June 13 @ 13:40-15:00
Augmented & Virtual Reality, AI for urbanisation, Smart Cities Techs, GovTech, IoT, Renewable Energy, Robotics & Drones, Connected Cities etc.


+ Department of International Trade Special Feature: Indian Tech Rocketship Urbanisation & Cities – June 14 @ 13:50-15:00
GreenTech, Agritech, Climate Change, Clean Tech, IoT, Robotics & Drones, Recycling & Waste, Energy Efficiency, Renewables, Wind Power etc.


+ Future Transport – June 19 (UKBAA Global Summit will be taking place, pitching theme will carry over into the next day)
Immersive Tech, AI, IoT, Connected & Autonomous Cars, Robotics, Satellite & Downstream Applications, Drones etc.


+ Manufacturing – June 20 @ 13:50-15:00
AI, Immersive Tech, Automotive, New Materials, Production, Robotics, IoT, Drones etc.


+ Sustainable Energy – June 21 @ 13:50-15:00
 AI, IOT, Clean Air & Environment, Greentech, Agritech, Renewable Energy, Waste Management etc.


+ Health & Life Sciences – June 26 @ 13:30-14:40
Health Tech, AI, Immersive Tech, Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Drug Discovery, Digital Health, Life Sciences, Synthetic Biology, Social Care & Assisted Living, Mental Health & Prevention etc.


+ Creative Industries – June 27 @ 14:00-15:10

Augmented & Virtual Reality, Immersive Tech, Film, Animation, Creative Content, Music, Gamin, Education & Training etc.


+ Sport, Culture & Travel – June 28 @ 13:50-15:00
Sport Tech, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Fintech, Ticketing/Payments, Tourism, Hospitality, Food & Drink Tech/Innovation


The Investor Pitch is the only ongoing pitching programme offered at the International Business Festival. Hosted right after lunch each day, you’ll have the opportunity to network and meet delegates before and after the event!